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Mark Vaarwerk

Once More With Love

A concept originating with the american group "ethical metalsmiths" the artists participating in the Once More With Love project are given a mixed bag of jewellery to remake into something new. The pieces are no longer wanted by the original owners and in need of a remake. These are some of the pieces i have received and have been working with from february to july 2012.
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These acrylic beads were the first item to attract my attention. They were removed from thier string and dissolved in acetone.

Acrylic beads as they slowly dissolve in acetone to form a syrup. this thick liquid i can use as a coating on expanded polystyrene to make brooches.

The silver jewellery that was in my 'mystery bag'. i decided to granulate the silver.

cutting up the silver (in this case a pair of earrings) and preparing it for melting on my charcoal block

heating the silver to fuse it into little balls.

some other items that were disassembled...

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A small pearl and mother of pearl extracted from their settings
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some of the stones like these malachites were ground up into a powder

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some of the stones were too hard to grind. So they were left whole, like these red ones. Garnets?
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currently my favourite plastic, expanded polystyrene (from used food boxes) is being cut into disks...

one of these expanded polystyrene disks, and the silver granules made from the donated silver pieces. With some pointy implements.

the polystyrene is impregnated with the silver

the shrinking process about to begin, with acetone inside a closed container.
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